Islamic P&I Club headquarters is in Dubai, UAE which is established as per auspicious of the Government of Dubai without the need for sponsorship.

In order to have better access to the clients either potentials or current members, IPIC organized a second management office in Jakarta – Indonesia in 2009. Istanbul – Turkey will be IPIC’s third office outreach. It is the policy of the Club to have offices in Beirut – Lebanon as well as Cairo – Egypt in due course.

Offices Main Activities

  • Marketing
  • Contacting with the imminent members
  • Attracting the imminent members to become an actual member
  • Maintaining the members throughout the membership period
  • Liaison between the members and the Club throughout the membership period
  • Survey arrangements in case of necessity
  • Claims handling
  • Updating members of any new Rules and Regulations
  • IPIC participation in all major exhibition and conferences in the particular region