The new shipowners or charterers who are willing to join the Club, may contact IPANDI offices anywhere in the world and state their inquiry. Our specialists will then collect their information and prepare their application form.

To find more about IPANDI Rules, download our rulesbook here:

The Club will issue the Certificate of Entry and all other covering documents base on the information given in the application form, which identifies the vessels’ name and particulars, owners and management information, risks covered and the terms and conditions. The Certificate of Entry and the Club Rules, form the contract between the Club and the Member.

Charterers can find themselves with a liability for many P&I risks, but cargo claims are the most common area of exposure.


The terms of the cover are based on the Owners’ P&I Rules and the add-on for traders and cargo owners.

  1. Applicants – Shipowners, ship operators, ship managers and or Charterers – will be registered as Members upon acceptance of IPIC’s Technical Committee based in London.
  2. Standard Period of cover is 12 months or part, if required by the applicant and agreed by the Club.
  3. Cover terms & conditions is as per IPIC Rules, including 1/4 collision liability, 4/4 or any other proportion agreed by the Club, subject to all terms and conditions as agreed in advance and subject to inserted special conditions.
  4. The cover is subject to English Law, practice and jurisdiction.
  5. Pre-entry survey at owner’s expense, by IPIC appointed surveyor, unless otherwise agreed by the Club.
  6. Vessels less than 25 years old, unless otherwise agreed by the Club.
  7. Vessels being classed at the time of inception and throughout the membership, unless otherwise agreed by the Club.
  8. The vessels should be insured for H&M on terms which afford the member protection equivalent to or better than that provided under Lloyd’s Marine Policy MAR (1.1.82 Edition) with the Institute Time Clause 1.10.83
  9. If required by the IMO, vessel should comply with ISM and ISPS Codes and all other rules and regulations

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IPANDI is a mutual and non-profit organization, with its management office in Dubai, UAE

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